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Groundbreaking I.T.

Welcome. We’re Ctrl-Alt-Repair, and we’re disrupting the industry with our groundbreaking solutions. Our skills with soldering, computer system cleanups and upgrades, along with cell phone and console repairs, have already been highly recognized by businesses here in San Angelo, and beyond! Curious to find out more? Browse through our website, and get in touch if you would like to request more information.


Our Story

In 2019 Robert Herron started Ctrl-Alt-Repair out of his home. Soon after, Patrick Herendeen joined him. Two techs with one goal in mind, help the people, affordably. Since that beginning Ctrl-Alt-Repair has grown an amazing customer base, and we couldn't be more proud! As of 2022, Ctrl-Alt-Repair has now become a division of Angelo Solutions, LLC. This has enabled us to gain more experience, provide better resources and products, and has allowed for a large store front and full resources to better serve you, our favorite people. 

Learn More

At Ctrl-Alt-Repair, we believe that our solutions will soon become the only choice in I.T. repair. We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build and repair requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude. Since our beginnings we have learned so much! Need something soldered? We do it! Have a broken phone, tablet, or laptop screen, we can fix it! We can even fix your TV or game console, Nintendo Switch series included. Come on by!

What We Do


Computer labor (Flat Rate)  $100 Includes Cleanup 

Upgrade to 500GB SSD $129 + Flat Rate Labor

Upgrade to 1TB SSD $179 + Flat Rate Labor

Cell Phone Labor (Flat Rate) $85

TV Labor (Hourly) $80

Console Labor (Flat Rate) $85

Soldering Labor (Hourly) $60

Total price when quoted will be minus your $50 deposit. You will be given the labor, parts, and any applicable taxes once we have properly diagnosed your equipment. A quote means that if there are any other problems found with the system, it may be more or less expensive. However, we will call you first. 

Now you can!

Check-in online! Why wait until you get to the store? Just scroll down and start typing :)


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14 W Ave B, San Angelo, TX 76903, USA


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